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TMZ reports that Queen Elizabeth’s dirty, old undies have a new home, because a mystery panty lover bought them at an Internet auction for $48k.

The Royal knickers were thought to be placed on eBay by the estate of the late “Baron” Joseph de Bicske Dobronyi“… who had claimed he came into possession of the undergarments after they were left on a private plane when the Queen visited Chile in 1968.

But, sources close to WWN say that the Queen herself put them on eBay. Royal watchers say that the Queen is worried about her money and that she wants to start getting rid of things she doesn’t want anymore. ”The Queen is actually on the verge of bankruptcy,” said a source close to the Royal Family. ”They’ve been spending money like drunken sailors for decades. Every little bit helps.

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The Crystal Lagoon at San Alfonso del Mar resort, Chile, is the biggest pool in the world – large enough for sailing!

At the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Chile, a quick dip could well turn into a marathon.

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yang suka renang dan wisata air.. Ini dia..ada kolam renang TERBESAR di dunia.. kolam renang Crystal Lagoon, terletak di resort San Alfonso del Mar di Algarrobo, Chile, adalah kolam renang luar ruang terbesar di dunia. Panjangnya mencapai lebih dari 800 meter dan berisi 66 juta galon air atau 249,83 juta liter.

woooaa…. kebayang ga siihh,,,, gimana kalau kita mandi disana,,, dan apa gak capek kalau harus renang dari tepi ketepi…

selain luas, pemandangan nya juga asik banget ni gan…

karena kolam renang ini dekat dengan laut… dari pada penasaran,, yuk kita lihat aja foto nya langsung… 🙂

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